Eye Tracking Applications

How to Use Eye Tracking?

Eye tracking can be used in a variety of different applications. S2 Eye Tracker from Mirametrix is specialized for a number of key industries and purposes.

  • Academic Research There’s an increasing interest in eye tracking and how it can impact academic and scientific research in a number of fields including psychology, human-computer interaction, and more. Learn more >>
  • Market Research As consumers interact more and more with digital devices, and consume more content through video, television and the web, companies need to better understand this interaction and consumption. The opportunities for optimization are significant. Learn more >>
  • Software Usability Software developers can learn a great deal about how easy their software is to use and how people use it through the implementation of basic eye tracking. Learn more >>
  • Education Eye trackers can be very useful in classroom environments for teaching high school, undergraduate and graduate students about subjects including psychology, perception, human behavior and more. Learn more >>
  • Game design Games are getting faster and more complex, and users are getting more demanding. A game’s playability is critical to its success, and eye tracking can help assess playability and overall game quality. Learn more >>


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