Presence, Face, Eyes, Gaze & Emotions

Start using the most advanced software-only AI platform capable of detecting presence and tracking face, eyes, gaze, emotions.

The most advanced Attention Sensing platform

Our platform can track eyes, gaze, face, fatigue and emotions.  We call this attention sensing and we are pulling that off with a solution that is 100% software.  No special hardware required.  We're combining the results of years of AI and computer vision research in a unique way allowing us to do what others can't.

Accurate 3D tracking

Track everything from user depth to pupil location.  Our engine is pose independent, with any user and even operates from long distances .  All this with a single 2D sensor and no calibration!

No fancy hardware required

No need to change your existing design.  Using a VGA sensor? No problem.   Our software-only engine adapts to you, not the other way around.

PC, mobile, IOT & automotive

Whether you want to measure gaze on PC, detect fatigue in a vehicle or sense emotions on any device, we do it all with our AI platform.  Operates on Windows, Linux and Android.

Start integrating Attention Sensing to your product

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