Mirametrix releases new Eye Tracking Software

Mirametrix, a specialist in commercial eye tracking solutions, has released its new S2 eye tracker software.  To build on the success of their slim, lightweight, commercial eye tracker, the team has been working closely with customers to better understand their software needs. The new user interface allows easier data manipulation and access to additional recording information. 

Mirametrix’ S2 release will further enable the use of affordable and portable desktop eye tracking technology for marketing and usability research.Amineh Younes, Product Manager Mirametrix S2 Eye Tracker product line.


Download the S2 product sheet to find out more about the state of the art Mirametrix eye tracker


Improvements in the new Mirametrix S2 Software Release


  1. Intuitive graphic user interface. The new Viewer software has up front data visualization and recording options. All controls, data visualization information and data recording information are now available on the main Home Tab (see right) for easier access. Users also have access to the software’s API, enabling them to customize and modify the data they are collecting. (Click on the image to view in full size)
  2. Remote observation of the experiment. Connecting over an IP connection is a key advantage to the S2 release. This allows the observer to watch a geographically-distant user’s gaze remotely in real time, allowing for a more natural user environment for participants during eye tracking studies.
  3. Open architecture allowing rapid and easy integration with post-processing applications. The new S2 software release offers customers great flexibility and easy integration with other analysis software. It can be exported in XML, as well as CSV file formats, and can be tailored to most software programs that analyze data in those formats, such as Matlab and SPSS.
  4. Outputs for every eye tracking need. S2 Viewer maintains the core outputs our customers want and need, including heat maps, gaze points, and fixation trace. Users can easily select what data to record from the Home Tab, including pupil information , gaze information , and mouse movements and clicks.

  6. A ‘Plug and Play’ system. The software operates with the same light, robust and portable eye gaze hardware with the diverse needs of researchers in mind. The Mirametrix eye tracker is truly a ‘plug and play’ system, with a setup time of less than 15 minutes, a calibration time of a minute or less, and improved Viewer software.  A video of the installation process can be viewed here

We believe that an eye tracker should be designed with the customer in mind. We have a different approach than other eye tracking companies, because we want eye tracking to be available to everyone who needs it, and easy to integrate with our customers’ current technical solutions.

Amineh Younes, Product Manager Mirametrix S2 Eye Tracker product line.


What our customers are saying about the release

Customers appreciate the ability to start recording and collecting data fast. Being portable and compact, the eye tracker can be taken to the place of study or used by different departments in the same institution. 

Customers are using Mirametrix’ flexible software and portable hardware system for applications in a broad range of fields including, psychology, marketing, web and software usability, ergonomics and gaming. The S2 eye tracker is being used both to analyze and study human behaviour, and as an input device. 

Clemson University 

Andrew Duchowski is a Professor in the School of Computing at Clemson University. He’s been using the Mirametrix Eye Tracker for over a yearS2 Eye Tracker on a variety of projects, and shared this about his experience with us:
“We’ve been using the Mirametrix eye tracker to compare visual search behavior between small (laptop) and large (projection screen) displays. It’s performed well and met our needs. The project was started as a class project by exchange students enrolled in the Eye Tracking Methodology class taught on campus. These students were quickly able to develop client code in C++ using Qt (qt.nokia.com) on Windows. The client code communicated with the Mirametrix eye tracker server running on the same platform (laptop). The easy API makes custom application development on Windows, Mac and Linux fast and painless. 

We have since been able to port the Windows C++ code to Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) fairly easily. We have also developed client code on a Linux platform in Python. In both instances, supporting XML libraries have made parsing of the data streams fairly straightforward, and we are moving towards adoption of the XML format for storage of collected gaze data.” 


What’s Next for Mirametrix

Mirametrix is constantly developing its eye tracking capabilities.  Integrating eye gaze with gesture tracking, Mirametrix has developed the world’s first context aware 3D game controlled both by body gestures and eye gaze. 

“The future of eye tracking is a consumer electronics device a step beyond the kinectTM , that allows you not only to interact with objects with movement, but also with gaze. We are confident Mirametrix eye tracking technology will be in every consumer device.” Helge Seetzen, CEO. 

Mirametrix’ eye gaze solution allows users to interact with virtual or real world objects using their eyes, all without the need for head-mounted equipment or expensive add-on hardware. The innovations include an eye gaze controlled TV remote, and gaze aware peripheral control for devices such as PVRs and stereos, as well as room illumination. You can check out the demo video here