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AI & Computer Vision driven, we bring to market the concept of smarter devices & vehicles. Explore with us a new era of Natural Human-Computer Interaction and new generation of user experiences.


Access secure, sensitive information at a simple glance. Visual hacking (the ability to spy on someone’s computer screen) is the oldest, yet still effective form of hacking, with a success rate as high as 90%.  Given the prevalence of coworking spaces, shared offices and increased mobility, prevention of visual hacking must be on the agenda of every security-conscious organization and individual.   


Distracted driving is the #1 cause of car accidents worldwide.  Emerging semi-autonomous driving capabilities add to this ever-growing, unfortunate issue. With a false sense of confidence in tow, drivers turn their attention elsewhere, greatly increasing the potential of an accident. We envision a smarter, safer world where driving accidents due to distraction, fatigue or drowsiness are a thing of the past.


As the saying goes, “work smarter, not harder.” We picture a world with less complexity and more utility, furthering and seamlessly enabling our interactions with AI-driven software – a world where computer power is synonymous with intuitive experiences, and where human-computer interaction is frictionless and natural. Our vision brings intimacy to personal computing, making a simple glance a productive action.


A number of very specific health conditions are emerging due to the ever-increasing amount of time that we all spend on our digital devices. Screen fatigue, eye strain, posture pain, anxiety and sleep disorder are all on the rise, with no imminent solution in sight – until now. At Mirametrix, we envision a smarter and naturally engaging digital world, where people are empowered to gain and maintain control of their digital lives.

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About the team

We are an AI/Computer Vision Center of Excellence.   Talented, creative and highly driven people from all over the world join us for the challenge of working on the most advanced AI/CV problems and the thrill of driving product innovation and novel user experiences with the most prestigious global brands.  We are experts at tackling the most complex AI/CV research questions.  We excel at delivering high-quality, robust, optimized and commercial-grade mass-market software products.  We are a vertically-integrated software group with team members that  share unique problem-solving skills and a passion for ingenuity in software engineering and user experiences.   Our vision is to drive a new era in Human-Computer Interaction and deliver more natural and intuitive user experiences.  Join us in our quest to create a smarter world.  What are you waiting for? 

Press Coverage

“The Lenovo Yoga S940 features Glance by Mirametrix®, which is an AI-powered attention sensing software that can sense face, eyes and gaze to increase productivity and ensure privacy.” view the article
“Like other Yogas, it can of course also do the tablet, tent and laptop modes but on this occasion, its main new trick is Glance by Mirametrix® AI-powered attention-sensing software which will track your gaze, move windows to the screen you are looking at, alert you to shoulder surfers and more.” view the article
“… Lenovo said it also has… Glance by Mirametrix Attention Sensing AI…that can tell when you’ve walked away from the laptop and will automatically lock it as well as tell you if someone is shoulder surfing and looking at your screen while you're working” view the article
“… Lenovo Yoga S940, the notebook comes with a few interesting artificial intelligence (AI) powered features. … to detect your absence and auto-lock the display to protect your data from strangers… Lenovo has provided AI-powered attention-sensing software Glance by Mirametrix® to uplift your productivity.” view the article
“… the new Yoga S940 contains a package of new “Smart Assist” technologies that allow users to switch from casual browsing to a business persona in a flash.” view the article
“Lenovo unveiled its new ultra-slim Yoga S940 notebook at CES… the real story of this device is that it comes with a suite of AI-driven Smart Assist Features” view the article
“The new ultra-slim Lenovo Smart Assist AI-enabled Yoga integrates AI in lots of practical ways… the AI also comes into play with privacy. Working in a public space? The laptop’s AI sensors are able to detect your absence and auto-lock the display to protect your screen and data from prying eyes. It will even alert you if someone is being nosey over your shoulder and peering over at your screen… Glance by Mirametrix® attention-sensing AI technology makes having a dual display set-up even more productive.” view the article
“One of the interesting things about the Yoga S940 is that it has what Lenovo calls AI sensors. These sensors can detect when you walk away from your PC and lock it, and they can also alert you when someone is looking over your shoulder at your PC. It also has Glance by Mirametrix® technology, which will automatically track your movement when you look at a second display, and seamlessly shift content to a connected external monitor. Lenovo is calling the whole package of features Smart Assist.” view the article
“… As technology continues to get safer, smarter, more personalized, and immersive… making Lenovo’s next-gen Yoga computers their smartest yet… camping out at a co-working space and need to step out for a coffee break? The minute you turn your head away from your laptop screen, the Yoga S940’s AI sensors can detect your absence and auto-lock the display to protect your data from unwanted eyes. It can also detect and alert you when a nosey neighbor is shoulder surfing from your screen… Beyond the added benefits of security and privacy, the Yoga S940 has Glance by Mirametrix® attention-sensing AI technology that can help increase productivity too.” view the article
“… Things we like… Lenovo took this a step further and offers an optional infrared camera that features Mirametrix Glance technology. With this, the system tracks the user’s face, eye and gaze to automatically adjust windows and cursors, improving productivity across multiple monitors.” view the article
"Lenovo beefed up the X Series laptops with new ThinkPad X1 Extreme… The X1 Extreme includes Mirametrix Glance technology. This feature blends face movement with eye & gaze-tracking, which enables the cursor to automatically adjust the focus on the monitor and the application windows change only by eye movements!” view the article

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